Grass is the natural diet for cattle. Itís what they were made to eat. And when cows forage on fresh green pastures instead of eating soy and corn on the feedlot, itís not just good for the animals; it also allows us to sustainably and responsibly manage our natural resources.

There is a growing demand for meat that is pasture raised and then grain-finished, to provide both the benefits of pasture and the flavor that most people prefer. Grain finished beef has a tender, fat-marbled meat, a favorite among our customers.

Our beef are raised on pasture, grain-finished and then processed and dry-aged with care. Our beef is custom cut to your specifications by an expert butcher. The beef at SR Ranch is tender, succulent and flavorful, with a pure beef taste that can't be matched.

All Beef at The SR Ranch is:

* Raised without the use of antibiotics
* Raised without added growth hormones
* Raised only on vegetarian feed (no animal by-products)

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